Southern bluefin tuna farmed by

The success of Australia's Southern bluefin tuna industry is based not only on the knowledge and technical skills of the industry but also on a large-scale research and development program.  Government and university researchers are a part of this research and development program, and are constantly investigating ways in which to progress the industry and strengthen its global competitiveness. The program is building the most extensive database of knowledge of any tuna aquaculture industry, utilising both existant technologies and developing new and improved methodologies.  

The data that is generated is continually fed back into on-farm practices and the research initiatives are set in accordance with industry needs.
The research and development program for the industry is based upon five main areas of research, including feeds and nutrition, environment, health, ranching methods and management, and quality and marketing.
The program assists industry in its endeavour to produce healthy tuna and superior quality sashimi via sustainable and envirionmentally-friendly methods.