Southern bluefin tuna farmed by

The Southern bluefin tuna fishing and canning industries were established in the town of Port Lincoln in South Australia in the 1950's by pioneering immigrants. However, as the speices became highly valued in Japan for use as sashimi and as a sushi ingredient, Australian and Japanese researchers, technologists, and industry members collaborated to found the Southern bluefin tuna ranching industry in the early 1990's. 

The tuna are caught in the Great Australian Bight in the waters of the Southern Ocean by purse seine nets between December and March each year. The tuna though are not landed at sea but are transfered by divers into a cage for towing back to the clear, clam waters of the Spencer Gulf. Once again the tuna are transfered but this time into large grow pens that give the tuna more space to swim than any other type of aquaculture industry in the world. The tuna are in the pens for only a few months and are fed the highest quality baitfish.

When they are ready for market the tuna are quickly caught by hand and humanely put to sleep. The tuna are then immediately frozen or they are placed in ice slurry before being landed, processed, and despatched in refrigerated trucks for airports within a matter of hours. They are then loaded onto airplanes and flown to various locations within the now global sashimi market.